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Antiox® VCI Paper

Antiox® VCI Paper, prevention against corrosion, with the best quality/price relation.

The Antiox® VCI Papers range, Nitrite free, is developed and produced to protect ferrous and non-ferrous parts from corrosion during transport and storage.

The use of Antiox® VCI Papers allows for not-using protective oils, avoiding having to clean and degrease the pieces later on and allowing the immediate use of them. It is a dry protection type that provides an optimal long-term protection. 

VCI Antiox® papers are designed to protect:

  • Steel, cast iron, copper, zinc.
  • Spare parts and metal pieces during their intermediate manufacturing processes, as well as during transport and storage inter and intra-plants.
  • Long-term protection during storage of metal parts.


  • Standard size rolls.
  • Customized sheets.
  • Laminated paper Antiox-60PE

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