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Antiox® VCI Raffia

Antiox® VCI Raffia, the VCI protection that provides the strongest mechanical resistance.

The Raffia, as a woven fabric made up of laminated polypropylene fibres and with a strong mechanical resistance, supports our Antiox® VCI, thus getting a packaging product with excellent anticorrosion properties, with a high break and piercing resistance. Our Antiox® VCI Raffia is Nitrite free.

It is a kind of packaging specifically designed for:

  • Packaging of very bulky or heavy goods and parts.
  • Industrial packaging of goods and parts with sharp tips and edges.
  • Packed parts where the packaging will be exposed and where an additional protection and strength is required.

Available in the following presentations:  

  • Rolls up to 1700 mm.
  • Customized rolls for automatic wrapping machines.

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