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Humidity Indicators

Humidity Indicators

Our Cobalt Dichloride FREE Humidity Indicators are rigid paper cards with indicators that read the relative humidity and that indicate when it exceeds a certain value of relative humidity through the change of color of the indicator from blue to pink.

The indicators provide visual proof of the moisture inside the packaging. If the indicated degree of humidity is too high, the user will know that it is necessary to replace the desiccant products and that the air tightness should be checked.

It's a quick reading indicator. Reading indicators are presented in blue and change to pink when different humidity levels are reached.

Some of the most typical applications are:

  • Componentes y materiales militares.
  • Componentes y aparatos electrónicos.
  • Almacenajes a largo plazo.
  • Sector automovilístico.
  • Museos y obras de arte.
  • Military components and materials.
  • Electronic components and tools.
  • Long term storage.
  • Automotive sector.
  • Museums and works of art.

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