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Antiox® VCI

Anticorrosive Protection: The VCI Anticorrosive Antiox® Packaging family,
  • VCI Antiox® Paper: Nitrite-free range of VCI Antiox® anticorrosive papers, manufactured and developed to protect ferrous and non-ferrous parts from corrosion during transport and storage.
  • VCI Antiox® anticorrosive plastics, nitrite-free, available in a wide variety of widths and/or thicknesses. They provide effective and long-term protection.
  • Raffia VCI Antiox®, nitrite-free; the VCI protection that provides the highest mechanical resistance.
  • VCI Antiox® emitters; the complement or reinforcement to enhance the VCI corrosion protection in its packaging.
  • Antiox® desiccants, the complement to all corrosion packaging; to remove moisture from the air.

Prevention and VCI protection against corrosion during transportation and storage.

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