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Antiox® VCI Film

Antiox® VCI Film, the most effective active-protection against corrosion.

The anti-corrosion Antiox® VCI films, Nitrite free, are very easy to apply and are available in a large assortment of widths and/or thickness to satisfy the most diverse needs. This kind of film provides an effective protection against the corrosion of a wide range of metals.

The Antiox® VCI Films application allows not-to-use protective oils, avoiding having to clean and degrease the pieces and parts later on and allowing the immediate use of them.

It is a multimetal dry protection type that provides an optimal long-term protection.

The Antiox® VCI Films are specifically designed for the protection of:

  • Goods to be packed that need to be quickly identified and controlled (thanks to the transparency of the plastic).
  • Packaging of Automotive components.
  • Any packaging that needs to be sealed.

Available in the following products:

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